Nick phones the prison to persuade them not to hand over his letter but they refuse to do so. Liz spends the night talking to Jim and is upset when he shows no signs of coming out of the coma. In her frustration she slaps him hoping to stimulate him. Jack runs Vera into the ground as she's so anxious not to upset him whilst he's regressed to "Lusty Jack" that he gets away with murder. Zoe is pleased when Ashley visits her. She tells him that she's sorry for blurting out Judy's secret. He is pleased to see her so positive. Liz gets the surgeon to assure her they won't turn off Jim's life support machine. She isn't happy when she's told only the next of kin can make that decision and that's Steve. Vera is furious when Roy tells her that he thinks Jack is having her on as he thought Bonnie Prince Charlie fought the Scots. Alone with Jim, Steve lays into him out of guilt, accusing him of being irresponsible in climbing scaffolding whilst drunk. Natalie gets tired of Samantha giving her the cold shoulder. She insists she and Des are just friends but Samantha refuses to believe her. Leanne is petrified of a killer having her photograph. Samantha surprises Des and Natalie by toasting their future happiness. Vera gets her revenge on Jack by serving him up pigeon pie. Jack is horrified to discover all his pigeons missing and accuses Vera of murder. He drops his trance act in anger. Liz reminds Steve that Jim's life could be in his hands and warns him that she doesn't trust him.


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  • TV Times synopsis: There's a bombshell for Liz and Steve as doctors warn that a terrible decision may have to be made. Vera rumbles 'lusty' Jack.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,290,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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