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Steve swears to Fiona that he didn't push Jim deliberately and refuses to tell Liz as he doesn't want anyone else to know. Fiona points out that when Jim comes round he'll tell everyone. Vera is worn out as she lets "Lusty Jack" off work as she doesn't want to upset him. She goes to see Magenta Savannah herself to get help. Samantha tells Natalie she's moving into Curly's house but tells everyone else that Natalie is throwing her out. Nick forges Leanne's signature on a letter to Darren and sends him a photo of her. Liz is thrilled when Jim moves his head but the nurse warns her it could mean nothing. Roy talks to "Lusty Jack" in the hope of learning about eighteenth century Weatherfield. He is puzzled when Jack thinks Bonnie Prince Charlie fought the Scots. Samantha accuses Natalie of stealing Des from her. Leanne tells Rita about Nick using her as bait to trap Brian's murderer. Rita tells Nick that he's been stupid and is amazed when he admits to sending another letter in Leanne's name. Leanne is petrified.


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