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Nick asks Leanne to help him find out when Darren is going to be released by writing to him. Alma tells Mike that if he wants to employ Deirdre she won't stop him. In order to help Jack, Vera considers stopping selling cigarettes and turning the Rovers into a "no smoking" pub. Liz wears Steve down to the point where he agrees to employ Jim if Jim asks for a job. Mike offers Deirdre the job of running the office at his factory but she is wary of getting involved with him and refuses. Alec is alarmed at the thought of the Rovers being non-smoking, fearing it will drive the serious drinkers away. Judy tells Zoe about being pregnant as she thinks it will help her get over Shannon. Zoe thinks she's told her to rub her nose in it. Jim asks Kevin for a job at the garage and is grateful when he agrees to take him on. Alec and Jack vote against Vera, telling her they'd lose half their trade if they banned smoking. Against her better judgement, Leanne agrees to write to Darren. Vera tells Jack she wants him to give up smoking as she's frightened he'll die. He is moved by her concern and swears he will give up, for her. Jim gets drunk and visits Steve on his building site, telling him that he won't need his charity as he's got a job. After an argument, Jim goes to hit Steve but Steve hits back and accidentally knocks Jim off the scaffolding into the skip below.


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