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Zoe realises that Judy felt the same for Shannon as she did and tries to mourn with her. She breaks down in relief when Judy tells her they don't blame her for Shannon's death. Deirdre is stunned when Alma accuses her of having an affair with Mike. She protests her innocence but Alma tells her that Mike is obsessed with her. Jim's phone is cut off when he doesn't pay the bill. Deirdre apologises to Alma for monopolising Mike's time but feels she was hanging on to any help she could. She swears that she's not sleeping with Mike and would never deceive Alma. Alma is forced to believe her when she swears her innocence on Samir's memory. Vera is furious when she finds Jack smoking in the Rovers' yard. Janice returns from nursing her sick mother to discover that Les has a long-lost son. She's enraged that he didn't phone to tell her sooner and accuses him of not caring about her feelings. She struggles to understand what Greg means to him. Liz asks Steve to employ Jim as he's turning into a useless drunk but Steve refuses to help.


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