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Maxine stays out all night clubbing with Greg. Steve moves into Fiona's flat. Nick's class receives a visit from Darren Whateley, a convicted murderer, who talks to them about how awful prison is. Nick is horrified when he listens and suddenly realises that he's the man who killed Brian nine years ago. Mike tells Deirdre about Jon's bigamous marriage and how everyone is working to get her out on bail but she tells him that she doesn't want to know as she can't build her hopes up any more. When she hears of the pains in Jack's legs, Maud warns him and Vera to take them seriously as she suffered pains before being crippled by arthritis. Vera insists Jack sees a doctor. Natalie is annoyed when Des makes it clear he's interested in her. She tells him that she's not that cheap. Nick questions Gail about Brian's death so she shows him the press cuttings she's kept of the trial. Shannon's crying annoys Nick and Leanne but Zoe doesn't think there's anything wrong with her. Deirdre rows with Maggie Veitch for not passing on Mike's good news and instead injecting her with sedatives. Gail tells Nick that she'd like to kill Brian's killer for all he put them through.


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