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Spider and Emily organise a demonstration outside the County Court. Ken warns Emily that she could get into trouble for producing leaflets damning Jon but she refuses to give up on Deirdre. Angie rows with Mike, telling him that he doesn't own her. He apologises and admits he was wrong. Les enjoys having his son around and presses him to spend more time with him. Zoe is fed up of having Shannon around her all the time. She feels she wants her life back. Greg is embarrassed when Les keeps borrowing money from him. Judy tells Zoe she wants to help her look after Shannon, promising that she's not trying to take control again. Gary can't believe she wants to get involved again and is appalled when Judy agrees to babysit Shannon for the night. Alma makes Mike see that he always believed Deirdre would be proved innocent and would make a great show of being grateful for his support. He can't deny it and she tells him that they're finished.


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