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Mike reminds Alma about her passion for Stephen Reid, warning her not to lecture him on the sanctity of marriage. Leanne is amazed to hear that she's got a half-brother in Greg Kelly. Ashley worries about Shannon coughing and wheezing but Zoe tells him it's none of his business and insists there's nothing wrong with her. Angie is furious when she hears Mike has tried to get Jarvis Rousseau Associates to pay him £10,000 to release her. Mike visits Deirdre and is concerned by her subdued manner. She is taken to the hospital wing. Judy is concerned that Shannon has a cough that Zoe isn't taking seriously. Leanne and Nick meet Greg when Les calls a family gathering. Alma is upset when Mike visits Deirdre and stays with Gail for the night. Mike is furious to discover that she's left him.


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