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Deirdre takes the witness box, telling the court how she was blinded by love and had no idea that Jon was a fraudster. She gets annoyed when Jon laughs at her testimony and shouts at him in court. Samantha tells Chris that she wants to leave Weatherfield with him so he arranges to meet her before he goes to Coventry. Jon's barrister makes Deirdre out to be guilty of all the deceptions, casting her as a grasping man-eater with three husbands. Emily gives Deirdre a character reference in court and stands up for her principles when Jon's barrister brings up the fact she is an eco-warrior. She tells the court that if Deirdre is guilty then she is a banana. Sally rages at Kevin for telling Des about Chris and Samantha, knowing he only did it out of spite. Chris tells Sally he's leaving and begs her to come with him. She is torn as she agrees with him that she doesn't love Kevin. Deirdre and Jon wait for the jury to reach a verdict.


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Emily Bishop: "If Deirdre's guilty of these preposterous allegations then I'm a banana."

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