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Natalie warns Samantha that's she's playing with fire by seeing Chris behind Des's back. Jon tells the court that Deirdre asked him to dress as a pilot to impress her friends and got him to forge Ian Jenkins's signature so they could get a mortgage. Kevin sees Samantha going into Chris's flat and tells Des. Des smashes down the door and confronts them in bed together. Stuart Hamilton tries to break Jon down as he maintains that Deirdre manipulated him. Des throws Samantha's things out. She admits she's made a mess of things but begs him to believe she's grateful for all he's done for her. He tells her that she's a freak. Chris resigns from the garage, telling Kevin he's pathetic for getting Des onto him. Deirdre is startled when the police advise her to change her plea to guilty. Des can't understand why Samantha cheated on him. Frankie tells Deirdre it's up to her to convince the jury now; no one else can help her.


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