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The Gazette runs a feature on the Golden Years Agency, implicating the agency and Ken in Babs Fanshawe's death and describing Alec as running a sleazy operation from the Rovers. Deirdre and her friends go to court. Ken is stunned to discover the paper has named him as a gigolo. Liz and Mike support Deirdre whilst Les and Audrey go along to be nosy. Jon pleads guilty to the charge of conspiracy to obtain money by deception. Deirdre pleads not guilty to counts of obtaining money by deception, obtaining property by deception and theft. Vera is furious that the Rovers has been named as the front for an escort agency. Alec realises he has to close down now the operation is no longer confidential. In court, Stuart Hamilton upsets Deirdre by painting a picture of her as a harmless, gullible creature. Kevin accuses Chris of bothering Sally. Linda Lindsay tells the court how Deirdre turned up at the house and frightened her. Hamilton makes her admit Deirdre never actually threatened her. Ken is forced, on oath, to admit Deirdre asked him to lie over Jon being a pilot.


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