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Des tells Samantha he has to go away overnight to a race meeting. Ken agrees to another escort for Alec. Deirdre meets her new barrister, Stuart Hamilton, who makes her see she has to hate Jon enough to make sure he goes to prison and not her. Chris tells Sally he can't stop thinking about her and will drop Samantha for her if she asks him to. She admits she was fond of him but she now wants her marriage to work. She is annoyed by his pestering as it makes her realise she isn't happy with Kevin and is only staying with him because of the girls. Liz and Alec agree to be Deirdre's character witnesses in court. Samantha entertains Chris at No.6. Ken dines out with Babs Fanshawe but halfway through the meal she collapses in the toilet. Des watches his house, hoping to catch Samantha and Chris out. He lets himself in just when Samantha has taken Chris to bed. She manages to keep Des occupied whilst Chris sneaks out of the house. Samantha is so convincing that Des feels she must be innocent. Babs dies and Ken is forced to talk to the police as everyone assumes they are a couple.


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