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Alma is jealous that Mike fought Ken over Deirdre. She accuses him of being obsessed with her. Deirdre packs and leaves for the airport but Ken sees her go and follows. Roy turns down the offer of tea at No.8, telling Gail that Hayley is shy. Ken refuses to let Deirdre leave the country, telling her that she'll ruin her life. She tells him that she has no option now he's testifying against her and she has no life left any more. Ken stops her by telling her that he believes in her and will say so in court. Emily dislikes Log and hates the way she takes over the house. Ken takes Deirdre back to No.1 before phoning Alma and telling her how Mike tried to get her out of the country. Alma is horrified that Mike tried to use her passport to help Deirdre. Roy is put out when Hayley tells Gail that she'd love to come to tea. Ken refuses to let Mike see Deirdre when he calls. When he tries to force his way into the house, Ken pushes him down onto the pavement.


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