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Sally accuses Chris of looking upon her as just another conquest like Samantha. He assures her that their relationship was much more than just sex. He is pleased that she still cares about what he does. Alma tells Roy that she knows the truth about Hayley and asks him to see her still as a person who needs friends. He feels that she's right but doesn't know how to express himself. Fiona tells Steve she likes his new-man image but wants to be certain she loves him because of him and not because of circumstances. Deirdre is horrified when Frankie tells her that Jon is blaming her for everything and only went along to stop her harming his wife and children. Ken gives the police a statement about finding out Jon wasn't a pilot and is forced to admit Deirdre asked him to lie over it. Kevin is furious when Chris tells him Sally told him that she's disappointed in him. Roy writes down his feelings for Hayley and reads them to her, saying he wants them to be friends again. She is thrilled. Sally tells Kevin he has to understand that Chris meant something to her but she's not going to jump into bed with him again. Toyah plans a romantic evening in with Spider and is horrified when eco warrior Log Thwaite turns up and starts kissing him. Jim tries to tell Steve he's happy for him and Fiona but Steve snubs him. PC McMahon tells Ken he'll have to give evidence against Deirdre in court.


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