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Curly is furious to find the prawns ruined by antifreeze. Deirdre is furious that she still has to go to court even though the police have Jon. Pam decides to put Fiona's feelings first and tells Steve that she loves him and is breaking her heart as she fears she's lost him for good. Eric is furious about the damage because it's not covered on the insurance. He accuses Curly of being to blame because of a personal vendetta with Spider. Hayley misses Roy's company and decides to tell him that she just wants to be his friend. Kevin sees Chris and Samantha close in the garage and asks him not to entertain women on the premises. Chris says it's nothing to do with him. Interviewed by the police, Jon tells them that Deirdre made him pretend to be a pilot and used him to secure the mortgage and steal money. He says he went along with her because he loved her. Steve tells Fiona that he still loves her and wants her. Curly accuses Spider of being a mindless thug but he denies ruining the prawns. Emily provides Toyah with an alibi before discovering that she did ruin the prawns. She is furious that she's been implicated in a criminal offence. Sally is shocked when Kevin tells her that Chris is definitely having an affair with Samantha. Kevin wants Des to know but Sally tells him it's obvious his only motive is to get back at Chris. Fiona thanks Pam for bringing her and Steve back together. Spider apologises to Curly, telling him the protest has gone too far but Curly refuses to listen. Jon tells the police that Ken will tell them how Deirdre pleaded with him to pretend to people that Jon was a pilot.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Ken is drawn into Jon's web of deceit, and there's a shock in store for Curly and Hayley.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,310,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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