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Fiona tells Steve that she doesn't want to see so much of him as she doesn't want trouble from Rachel. Alma urges Deirdre not to feel sorry for herself as then Jon has won, instead she must fight. Emily enjoys protesting for the environment as it makes her feel young. Steve lets Rachel down, saying he has to babysit just to get her to finish with him, accusing him of spending too much time with Fiona. Sally gets annoyed when Kevin objects to Chris babysitting so they can go out. Steve tells Fiona he's finished with Rachel because he can't stop thinking about her. He swears he loves her but she tells him that she's sick of him ruining her life and can't go through it all again. Toyah sees prawns still on sale at Firman's and tells Spider and Emily that they've been double-crossed. They resume their protest outside the store but Curly calls the police to get them removed. Toyah sprays antifreeze over the prawns in the freezer. Fiona tells Pam about Steve's declaration and explains that despite everything she longs to have Steve back. Chris worries that Samantha is getting too involved with him and reminds her that it's just a bit of fun. Deirdre is stunned when Jon tracks her down.


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