Florrie is surprised to be reunited with her husband Norman Lindley. He tells her he's now a contract engineer and has been all over the world. Florrie regrets not going to India with him six years ago. She's interested to learn that he has looked for her before, without success. Jerry is shocked when Florrie introduces him to her husband. He rushes to tell Len that Florrie is not a widow. Len doesn't believe him. Stan still thinks David took the bribe, despite what the papers say. Charlie has an interview for an a job as an insurance agent. Len spreads the word about Florrie. They are equally sceptical but gradually convince themselves that it must be true if Jerry says so. Florrie confesses to Norman that she's been presenting herself as a widow. He isn't bothered. The residents wonder what would have happened if Frank or Harry had proposed. Florrie is relieved that Norman is not after a divorce. Jerry doesn't like that people are gossiping about Florrie because of him. Charlie gets the job but needs to find £50 deposit money. All doubt is removed when Florrie brings Norman to the Rovers and describes her as his wife. Norman tells Florrie he wants them to get back together. He plans to put roots down in Canada as he's working there for two years in a few months' time after a job in Iceland. Florrie tells Norman that there have been other men in her life. The regulars send up Stan about his alarm clock. Ena lends Charlie the £50 out of the money she made selling No.11, so that he can afford to pay his rent to Minnie.


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