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Fiona is annoyed by the way Pam doesn't blame Alan for not wanting anything to do with her. She tells Pam to stay out of her life in future. Eric tells Curly that he should be marketed as the voice of Firman's, as Alma is the face. Spider makes a row at Firman's by accusing Curly of supporting whale-hunting by selling Norwegian prawns. He threatens action unless Curly stops selling them. Roy invites Hayley for a meal but decides to entertain her in the cafe rather than his flat, for fear she'll think he's rushing her. Samantha is relieved when Des goes away on business as she feels she needs some space. When Chris calls round to pick up some books he'd left behind, she invites him to stay for a drink. Steve encourages Fiona, telling her she's got a brilliant future and is better off without Alan. Samantha admits to Chris that she doesn't think she and Des have a long future together. She opens up her heart to him over a bottle of wine and they kiss. Roy is shocked when Hayley tells him that much as she likes him they can't have a physical relationship as she's a transsexual.


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