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Curly panics about his speech, fearing that Spider will take the opportunity to say things that may damage his career. Leanne is jealous of the fact Nick has got a mum who cares for him whilst she hasn't seen hers for fifteen years. Fiona is annoyed when Pam tells her that she's told Steve to stay away. Fiona tells her it's her life and she'll be friends with whoever she wants. Spider gives Curly his speech at the last moment. Curly is horrified to discover it's an attack on all shopkeepers, accusing them of helping to ruin the planet. As he gives the speech to WARTS he outrages Fred who interrupts to complain. Curly thanks him for stopping the speech, pointing out that was his intention in delivering propaganda delivered by the fanatics who are against them. He is applauded but Spider accuses him of raping the planet. Fiona tells Steve she does want him around but has too much to cope with to think about any future they might have. Pam tells shocked Fiona she's visited Alan and he doesn't want anything to do with Fiona or the baby. Spider warns Curly that he will have his revenge.


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