Samantha apologises to Des for lying to him but assures him that she only slept on Ritchie's sofa. She tries to explain why she doesn't want to get married but he accuses her of making a fool of him and ruining everything they had. Roy and Hayley decide to become more involved in the Red Rec protest. Samantha accuses Des of getting everything out of proportion and is stunned when he tells her they haven't got a future anymore as he can't trust her. Ashley criticises Zoe for neglecting Shannon due to a hangover. He tells her that her problem is that nothing means anything to her and she takes nothing seriously. She accuses him of taking life too seriously. Samantha sadly packs her stuff and moves in with Natalie. Des is glad to see her go. At night, Roy helps Spider dig a new tunnel under the Red Rec but they keep hitting stone. When Roy finds a piece of pottery he impresses Hayley with his knowledge of Roman Weatherfield and realises that the stone they've struck is a Roman site. Samantha feels she's blown everything with Des. Natalie tells her that she's had a lucky escape. Roy uncovers a mosaic floor and realises he's found the Roman bath house. Spider is jubilant as it means the site is of historical interest and can't be built on.


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