Lucille quizzes Ena and Albert for her school essay on scenes from the past. Ken and Albert prepare to give evidence at the magistrates' court. Albert makes it clear that he supports Willie Piggott. Jerry starts to open up to Len about the failure of his marriage, revealing that his and Myra's daughter was born premature and didn't live long. He's now living in a men's hostel. Len passes the sad news onto the neighbours. They agree that Jerry needs a proper home and Ena suggests the shop flat. Len has a word with Florrie, who immediately takes Jerry in. Stan gets a job as a milkman but has to get up at 4.00am. He sleeps downstairs so as not to disturb the household. Irma shows Jerry around No.13. Stan invents a contraption which he calls a "getting up machine", which links together an alarm clock, the wireless, and assorted kitchenware. The alarm causes the kitchenware to clatter, triggering metal beads to roll into a basin, turning on the wireless at full blast. The next morning, Stan sleeps soundly while the racket of Wagner's prelude to Act III of Lohengrin wakes up half the street. Hilda and Irma rouse Stan, who breaks the wireless in his attempt to shut it off. Hilda then admits that she put the clock back an hour last night in case Stan overslept. Jerry moves into the shop flat and feels very alone. He tells a sympathetic Ena that he doesn't plan to stay long. Ken and Albert return from court with the news that Piggott's case has been put up for the Crown Court with bail set at £100. Ken is annoyed when David sends him £5 for his keep over Christmas. He then reads that David has been cleared over the bribe and feels ashamed of himself for not standing by his brother. Florrie shocks the regulars by going off with a man at the Rovers. At the shop, Florrie's man asks for her to put him up - after all, he is her husband.


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