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Leanne starts work at The Kabin, eager to please Rita who lays down strict rules. Samantha is sick of Des hanging around her, saying she's the best thing that's ever happened to him. Les trips at the Red Rec and insists on being taken to hospital. Worried Janice rushes to his side and is relieved to discover it's nothing serious. Les refuses to accept there's nothing wrong with his leg and back, telling Janice that he's hoping for compensation. Judy urges Gary to accept work from Steve but he refuses to do the dirty on Jim. Martin is furious to see Les in hospital and overhearing him saying there's nothing wrong with him. Martin accuses Les of conning the system at the expense of the taxpayers. Hayley thanks Alma for her support, telling her she's the only friend she's got. Les tells Leanne he hates the Platts and doesn't want her going out with Nick any more.


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