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Leanne assures Nick that she doesn't regret marrying him but is frustrated that nothing has changed. Samantha tells Natalie that she fears marriage will trap her and she'll be forced to run again. She realises that she's only staying with Des until something better comes along. Leanne asks Rita for a job at The Kabin but Rita refuses to employ her. In desperation Leanne explains that she needs a job as she's married Nick. Rita refuses to believe her. Curly asks Alma to help him break the news to Hayley that her father has died. Although she knew he was ill, Hayley is still distraught over her father's death. Alma comforts her. Nick tells Rita that Leanne wasn't lying; they are married and need money. She agrees to employ Leanne, warning her that she's on trial and she'll watch her like a hawk. Nick is grateful. Gary urges Jim to try and make peace with Steve. Jim acknowledges that he is full of remorse but knows Steve will never speak to him again. Jim has too much to drink and begs Steve not to hate him but Steve shrugs him off. Des is startled when Samantha packs her bags, telling him that she knows he doesn't really want to marry her and that she'll make his life a misery. He is devastated and begs her to see that she is all he wants. She is frustrated when he talks her out of leaving.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Les hatches a 'foolproof' plan to make a fortune. Tension mounts between the Platts and Nick and Leanne.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,030,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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