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Jim and Gary remove the Duckworths' new staircase, saying they'll put it back when they're paid. Jack manages to climb down on a ladder but Vera refuses to leave the landing as she's scared of heights. Hayley buys Alma a present as a thank-you for standing up for her. Alma worries that Hayley is getting too friendly. Vera is indignant when Jack gets her to make sandwiches whilst she's stuck upstairs. Des pushes Samantha to make contact with her solicitor to help speed up the divorce. Ken tells Deirdre that he can't believe she was so stupid to believe Jon after discovering he'd lied about being a pilot. He feels he can't swear in court that he believes she never knew anything of Jon's fraud. She feels that if he doesn't believe her then no one will. Jack enjoys having Vera stuck upstairs as he can chat up the customers and have free drinks. Roy is in a dilemma as he doesn't know if he should tell Gail about Nick's elopement plans. Judy returns to working at the arcade and tries not to be alone with Paul Fisher. Samantha is angry when Des gets his solicitor to make up divorce papers for her. Vera is alarmed when Jack and some of the customers try to get her to jump into a tarpaulin. Instead she pulls the ladder up so Jack can't come to bed. Deirdre goes to stay at Blanche's, feeling she can't stay with Ken any more.


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