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Gary encourages Judy to return to work at the arcade but she isn't interested. Alec returns from Switzerland to find Jim has rebuilt the hall staircase. Nick and Leanne are delighted when their wedding confirmation comes through. Deirdre goes through the story of her life with Jon for Frankie, realising as she retells it that she must have been very gullible and stupid. Gary goes to see Paul Fisher about Judy working at the arcade and is pleased when he agrees to take her back on. Samantha is embarrassed when Des gives her an engagement ring in front of all the Rovers' customers. Judy is furious when Gary tells her that there's a job at the arcade for her. Frankie makes Deirdre see that the court is bound to think she must have known what Jon was up to as she had so many clues. Ken is astonished when Frankie tells him that he was part of the deception as he agreed to keep quiet over the pilot lie. Leanne is sad that she's missing out on a big wedding. Ken turns on Deirdre accusing her of ruining his good name by incriminating him in Jon's fraud. She is upset and admits she was stupid for not seeing through Jon's lies sooner. Alec refuses to let the Duckworths pay for the stairs out of the pub account, pointing out that the stairs belong to their house. Samantha feels that Des is going too fast for her.


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