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Les is annoyed when he has to stay on the Red Rec all night guarding the trees. He tries to make the protesters see he was only joking with the chainsaw but they don't trust him. Emily is frozen after a night up a tree but refuses to give in and is interviewed by the local TV news. Deirdre is surprised when her boss, Adam Newbould, turns up and asks her to take some time off with pay until her court case is over. She is furious when she realises that she's seen as an embarrassment and Sunliners want rid of her. Zoe reminds Fred that she and Ashley have a rent book and have rights as sitting tenants in No.4. He is furious when she threatens to give him a fight. Des goes to London to visit Ritchie and asks him to divorce Samantha. Ritchie advises Des to get away from Samantha whilst he can. Spider and the protesters urge Emily to leave the tree, worried for her health. Fred tells Ashley and Zoe they can stay at No.4 in return for £60 a week rent. Emily is pleased when her protest makes the front page of the Gazette. Rita makes her see that having achieved the publicity she can leave the tree. The protestors applaud Emily as she leaves the site. Ritchie tells Des that Samantha conned him and used him. He warns him that Samantha never lets the mask slip and he's welcome to her, agreeing to divorce her.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Des goes on a secret mission. Meanwhile, Deirdre gets a shock at work.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,500,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).
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