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Des pushes Samantha to speak to Ritchie about a divorce but she hates the way she's having to beg him, giving him power over her. Des goes behind her back, looking through her Filofax to find Ritchie's phone number. Deirdre goes to the Magistrates Court and is remanded on bail, with Mike putting up surety. She feels like a criminal when she is left in a cell whilst the surety and her passport are given to the court. Jim and Gary work on replacing the Rovers' staircase. Zoe tells Fred that he's not being fair on Ashley by selling the house. Fred tells her that he'd rather lose Ashley as a nephew than gain her as a niece. Les gets tired of waiting around and attacks the protesters with a chainsaw, planning to cut a tree down. The protestors run to climb the trees to save them. There's a tree vacant so Emily climbs it, foiling Les's sawing, telling him that she won't be climbing down again.


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