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The Malletts return from holidaying in Newcastle. Gary is pleased when Jim agrees to take him on as a partner. Judy is upset to discover that Zoe and the baby are still living at No.4. Ashley rows with Fred when he tells him that Zoe is worthless. Fred refuses to have her staying in his house and tells Ashley they'll all have to clear out as he's selling up. Des is thrilled when Samantha agrees to marry him. She then worries when he says that he wants to marry her as soon as possible. She reminds him that she's still married to Ritchie. Toyah is furious when Janice drags her away from the Red Rec to go to school. Samantha thinks that Ritchie will drag out the divorce but Des is confident he can persuade him to speed it up. Ashley accuses Fred of forcing Zoe out on to the Street but Fred is adamant that she's taking Ashley for a ride. Ashley hits back by saying he loves Zoe. Vera hires Jim and Gary to replace the staircase. Judy feels she'll go mad knowing Katie is just across the Street and never being able to see her. Deirdre is formally charged with obtaining a credit card by deception, procuring a mortgage by fraud, eight counts of illicitly withdrawing £500 and two specimen counts of obtaining goods and services on a fraudulently obtained credit card.


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