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Spider organises the protesters on the Red Rec and starts to tunnel under the trees to stop the builders bringing in earth-movers. Les starts as security guard on the site and is furious to see Toyah is one of the protesters. Ashley misses Zoe and Shannon and gets annoyed by the way everyone says that he's better off without them. Ken tries hard to make Deirdre cheer up and thinks it ironic that he and Mike are fighting for the same cause. Ashley visits Zoe at the hostel and asks her to return with him. She agrees when he tells her how much he's missing her. Alec goes to Switzerland to visit Vicky. Vera traps her foot when she puts it through a rotten step on the hall staircase. Jack frees her but fears the whole staircase may be rotten. Roy enjoys protesting on the Rec. Toyah tries to stay on the site but Janice drags her off home. Emily borrows Samantha's walking clothes to join the protest. Eager to make a commitment to Samantha, Des proposes marriage.


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