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The police search Deirdre's house looking for clues. She fears they think she was working the fraud with Jon. Maud assures Ashley that Zoe will be fine in the hostel but he wants her back. Deirdre phones Mike and asks for legal help. He gets hold of Frankie and urges her to get Deirdre released. The police tell Deirdre that her mortgage has been paid by Ian Jenkins's account and as the house is in her name she is in a lot of trouble. Deirdre is relieved when Frankie arrives to help her and gets the police to admit they won't charge her yet. Mike, Alma, Ken and Liz wait for Deirdre at the police station and support her. Mike puts up bail for her and Ken takes her in at No.1 as she isn't allowed to stay at her house. In order to prolong the security job for Les, Janice tells Toyah that the Red Rec will start to be demolished next week, earlier than planned. Toyah rushes to Spider with the news. Deirdre is grateful for Ken taking her in and thanks him for being a true friend. Frankie warns Mike that Deirdre could go to prison for seven years.


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