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Deirdre decides to withdraw money from Jon's account using her credit card until she has her £5,000 back and look for a flat to rent. Chris returns to work at the garage with Kevin warning him that he might not be civil to him. Liz starts work as a trainee machinist at Underworld. Gail tries to hunt down Nick in vain. In Scotland, Nick and Leanne stay in cheap B&Bs, pretending to be married. Jon apologises to Deirdre for what Linda said to her, explaining that she is mentally ill and wants to wreck his happiness. Deirdre tells him that she hates him and is horrified by him, wishing she'd never met him. Spider and Toyah rehearse how they plan to chain themselves to the Town Hall railings by having a practice in the hallway at No.3. Unfortunately they can't reach the key to undo the padlock. Sally shouts at Kevin when she finds Natalie in the garage going over the accounts with him. When Chris stands up for her, Kevin rows with him. Kevin tells Sally he can't stop Natalie coming to the garage. Mike assures Alma he doesn't fancy Liz and has taken her on as she has the right sort of tarty image for something he's planning in the future. Emily returns home and releases Toyah and Spider after they've been chained up all afternoon. Spider is furious as he missed the Town Hall meeting about the Red Rec dome. Nick and Leanne decide to get married whilst they're in Scotland so they can always be together.


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