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Sally suggests to Kevin that he fiddles the books so that there's no profits for Natalie. Fred thinks Ashley is a fool for letting Zoe stay but Ashley refuses to put her on the streets. Spider discovers that an endangered plant, the hairy groundwort, is growing on the Red Rec. Nick babysits so he can entertain Leanne in private. He plans to visit friends in Scotland and invites Leanne to join him. Deirdre decides to surprise Jon at work with some champagne. She goes to the tie shop and is stunned to be told he's at home with his wife and children. She gets the address from the shop assistant. Zoe kisses Ashley, telling him she is attracted to him. He allows her to lead him upstairs. Chris is pleased when Kevin offers him his job back. He accepts. Deirdre calls at Jon's house and confronts him and Linda, telling her that she's the woman who doesn't exist. Jon tells Linda he doesn't know who Deirdre is.


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Spider Nugent: "I'm proud to say that I'm a vegan."
Fred Elliott: "In that case, the sooner you get back to your spaceship and return to the planet Vega, the better I'll be pleased."

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