Stan gets up early in the morning to speak with milkman Bert Lodge about the possibility of jobs with his firm. Lucille sneaks off on a coach trip to Blackpool to go dancing. Elsie and Dennis create homemade damp patches, a blocked chimney and other household problems, hoping to give Ena the impression that No.11 has been falling to pieces for years. Ena sees through it all and tells Minnie she intends to get the Tanners out of the house. The residents anticipate yet another clash between the two. In the Rovers, Ena gives Elsie her notice in writing. Elsie goes for Ena in the snug and the fight spills out into the Street. The residents take sides. Ena tells Elsie she wouldn't be throwing her out if Swindley wasn't throwing her out. Elsie refuses to listen to Ena's protests. Ena attacks her with her handbag and ends up smashing one of No.11's windows. An almost-physical fight ensues and the residents try to separate them. Swindley arrives in time to break the news to Ena that the Glad Tidings Mission is to stay open; the committee has decided to close Bold Street Mission.


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Notable dialogue

Ena Sharples (about Elsie Tanner, with glass in hand): "She's the worst actress since Jean Harlow - here's to 'er!"


Ena Sharples: "Look, this bag was a birthday present - it's not a plaything for any common harpie to go on!"
Elsie Tanner (incensed): "What did you call me?"
Ena Sharples: "I called you a common harpie!"


Albert Tatlock (interrupting Ena and Elsie's argument): "Now, come on Mrs. Sharples, it's beneath yer, this sort o' thing..."
Elsie Tanner: "Oh, it's beneath 'er, is it, but it's not beneath me, I suppose? That's the sort of thing I do, is it?"
Albert Tatlock: "Oh, I never opened me mouth."
Elsie Tanner: "If she chucked you out o' your house you'd be screamin' from 'ere till Christmas, so you shurrup!"


Ena Sharples: "She's never been short of men in their house since Arnold took 'is 'ook - many more than Fanny Hill!"
Elsie Tanner: "Get back off to yer Mission, Mrs. Sharples, as fast as yer can before I really get me rag out!"


Ena Sharples: "I've handled Tanners before, Mrs. Tanner, an' I'll handle you again!"


Elsie Tanner: "Now look 'ere - you'll only move me out of this house when I want to go. In the meantime, go an' jump in the cut!"


Elsie Tanner (after the fight ends): "You're still me landlord, are you?"
Ena Sharples: "Oh, yes, I am that."
Elsie Tanner: "Well, you'll pay for that winder!"

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