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With Zoe gone, Ashley asks Maxine to move back into No.4. Judy tells Gary she doesn't want to get on with her life and just wants Katie back. Sally breaks down and tells Rita about Kevin rowing with her over Chris. Rita thinks Kevin is a hypocrite but Sally is distraught as she wants him back. Judy tells her old boss Paul Fisher that she'd like to return to the arcade and asks for a £2,000 advance on her wages. He gives her the money after she has sex with him. Natalie flirts with men in the Rovers to make Kevin jealous. She begs him to return to her but he tells her that he was never worthy of her. Zoe doesn't trust Liam and runs away from the squat, taking Shannon with her. Spider is horrified to discover Les has a live turkey in the yard and tells Toyah they should help free it. Toyah is sickened when Spider explains how turkeys are slaughtered. She tells Les that she won't let him kill it. Angie tries to cheer Chris up over his broken romance with Sally. He is grateful for her support. Vera feels sorry for Natalie when she discovers Kevin has left her. Judy is sickened with herself for having prostituted herself but is relieved to have the money. Zoe returns to Ashley with Shannon, telling him that she can't go along with Liam's plan to sell her. Gary is stunned when Judy tells him she has the £2,000.


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