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Gail tackles Leanne and accuses her of spreading lies about the Malletts. Leanne is adamant that they did buy Zoe's baby. Ashley and Fred are bemused by a foul smell in the shop which drives customers away. Emily and Ken have their lofts bricked off. Ken tells Alec that he'll join his escort agency as he needs the money. Alec assures him sex is not expected of him, just companionship. Jon agrees to house-sit for Ian Jenkins when he goes away for six months. He phones up a building society, calling himself Ian Jenkins, and saying he wants to take out a mortgage. Jim and Steve finish the Shaw Street job. Jim tries to make Steve see that they're a good team but Steve is insistent on finishing the partnership. Fred and Ashley search for the source of the smell but don't find anything. Rachel Forbes clears Steve's work and pays him for the job. He invites her out, saying that Fiona's in the past. The building society rep, Bob Wright, visits Jon at Ian's huge house and agrees to give him a mortgage after looking through Ian's bank statements. Ashley and Maxine move into No.4 and catch Leanne and Nick in bed together. They throw them out after forcing them to tidy the house up. Jon surprises Deirdre by asking her to marry him and giving her an engagement ring.


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