Dennis worries about the rent rise but Elsie cites an identical situation where Dot Greenhalgh's sister-in-law won her case in court. Ena tries to find out from Stuart what the committee's decision is likely to be but he's unable to assist. She sends Minnie out to find out what the Bold Street Mission's attendances are like. Len continues to enjoy Norma's food. She and Elsie take a dislike to each other when she calls on Len. Harry calls into the Rovers to see if there's been any news of Norma. Jack refuses to let Annie tell him anything. Dennis overhears the lady's description. Emily deduces what Ena meant by "alternative accommodation". Swindley is horrified. Ena demands that he finds out when the lease on the Mission of Glad Tidings expires. Dennis mutters to Elsie about Harry Gee and she makes the connection with the woman she's met. Minnie discovers the Bold Street attendances are up. Swindley tells Ena the lease runs out in April. She thinks the Glad Tidings Mission is doomed. Elsie delights in telling Harry where Norma is. He calls there and insists she returns home with him. They are arguing when Len returns. He's amazed to find that Norma isn't a widow and is about to throw Harry out when she claims he hits her but Harry tells him that Norma tried to bigamously marry the last man she kept house for. Norma agrees to return with Harry, admitting the claim about domestic violence was untrue. Len finds out that Elsie told Harry where she could be found. Stuart tells Swindley that the committee still haven't reached their decision and it all depends on his final report. Ena makes plans to evict Elsie, confident she would win any court action. Len is pleased that Elsie's saved him from a tangled mess with a married woman. Ena gives Dennis a month's notice to quit No.11.


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