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Les spreads the news that Ken is a pervert. Janice realises that Ken must have caught Les and that Les has been responsible for all the odd things, using the loft to get into the other houses. She is furious that he allowed her to think they had a ghost and tells him they'll use the £800 to mend the ceiling. Ken thinks he ought to call in the police over Les but Emily talks him out of it, worried that he'll be nasty towards her afterwards. They confront Les but he refuses to admit he was the intruder. Sally is pleased when Chris explains he was helping Angie look for her own flat. He assures her that he's finished with Angie and can't stop thinking about her. Sally is thrilled. Liz is upset as her fortieth birthday approaches. She agrees to have a meal with Jim and the boys on the day. She tells him that she's scared of spending the rest of her life on her own. Kevin isn't keen when Natalie tells him that they're going to a dinner party with some of her friends. Deirdre and Jon view a large house. Gail is horrified when she learns Nick and Leanne were alone in her bedroom whilst Les was in the house. Liz feels vulnerable and tells Jim she doesn't understand what happened to them. He is uncomfortable when she tells him how much she misses being with him. When she kisses him he responds.


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