Swindley puts the prizes in the lucky dip barrel in the middle of the shop with a gents' watch being the star prize. Ena takes Minnie to task for failing to spot Norma Gee moving in with Len. Norma is pleased with her room and says she'll make no demands on Len. Annie is pleased that Len turned down April. Norma runs Len off his feet making him re-arrange the furniture and tidy up. Stan and Albert make a pretence of calling on Len to see about going to Saturday's football match but their real intention is to size up Norma. Len sees right through them. He is forced to buy new curtain material from Gamma at Norma's insistence. Neither Len nor Hilda are impressed with their lucky dip prizes. Stuart tells Swindley that the Mission of Glad Tidings is to be merged with the Bold Street Mission and one will have to close, though the committee can't decide which one. They agree that the caretakers must be informed. Ena gets a copy of the Rent Act to find ways to raise Elsie's rent. Ena turns down several prizes in the lucky dip until she finds ones that suit her - an egg timer and a lavender bag. Len is happy with Norma's cooking. Annie calls to inspect her and gets it out of her that she's a widow. A man calls at the Rovers asking if anyone's seen his missing wife. Ena calls at No.11 and is handed a list of repairs that are needed. Ena agrees to them but in return tells a shocked Elsie that her rent will go up by twenty shillings a week. Stan thinks the description of the missing wife sounds like Norma - the man confirms his name is Harry Gee but no one lets on that they know where Norma is, though Annie thinks they should. Stan worries what he'll do to Len when he finds out where she is. Ena tells Stuart and Swindley that she's not bothered about losing her home - she can always find other accommodation. Elsie relaxes with the television, unware of what Ena's planning.


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Minnie Caldwell: "Oh, but you can't put Elsie's rent up, Ena. 'Live and let live.'"
Ena Sharples: "Oh, well if you're quoting, I'll swap you - 'Render unto Ena the things that are Ena's!'"

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