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Sally and Chris spend the night together. Afterwards she fears that he'll view her as a one-night stand. Angie is upset by Mike's attitude and wonders how they can be partners when he'd be happy with her sleeping with buyers to get contracts. Emily asks Curly if he's been letting himself into No.3 and feels awful when he's upset that she suspects him. Mike sets up a meeting between Angie and George Dixon and demands that she apologises and does whatever she needs to do to get the contract. She refuses to go so Mike sees George and tells him that Angie is a game girl. Jon tells Deirdre that he's been made sales director so he'll be doing more travelling. Les has a lucky escape when Emily returns home whilst he's watching her TV. To get Gail off his back, Nick tells her that he's finished with Leanne. Angie tells Mike that she wants to finish their partnership as she doesn't trust him. He asks her not to do anything in haste. Chris tells Sally he doesn't know what to say to her so she tells him to forget it ever happened. He is hurt when she says it didn't mean anything.


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