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Martin tells Nick that he's worried about him getting involved with Leanne as she seems more experienced than him and might be leading him on. Rita feels in the way as Judy and the customers fuss over Katie. Rita is surprised when Gary tells her that Judy would like to work with her full-time. Rita tells him that's impossible and furthermore she doesn't want her working at The Kabin any more as it's not working. George Dixon makes a pass at Angie but she stays in control, telling him that she's not interested. When Jon tells Deirdre that he's being promoted at work she struggles to believe him. George invites Angie to spend time with him abroad on a regular basis, hinting that the contract depends on it. She tells him that he's sad and walks out on the contract. Judy is furious when Gary tells her she's been sacked. She blames him for interfering. Sally slips out of the house telling Rosie not to open the door to anyone. When she returns Rosie refuses to let her in so Chris breaks in for her. Emily returns home to discover someone has been in watching her TV and smoking. Les escapes without her seeing him. Mike is furious to discover Angie has blown the contract. Sally breaks down and is comforted by Chris. He kisses her and she asks him to stay with her.


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  • Location filming for Luigi's Restaurant was conducted on Campfield Avenue Arcade in Manchester city centre.
  • TV Times synopsis: Chris offers Sally a shoulder to cry on - but will she stop there?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,680,000 viewers (4th place - combined figure including repeat).
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