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Nick signs up at the Tech to study PE so Leanne decides to join him and signs up to do hairdressing. Her attitude amazes Nick as she wants to do as little work as possible. Angie gets sick of having Samantha and Des spooning around the house all the time. Emily is surprised to discover how upset she is at Percy's departure when he finally leaves the Street. Mike tells Angie she should use George Dixon's weaknesses to trap him into giving an order. She is furious that she's surrounded by sexist pigs. Chris keeps Sally company with a bottle of wine. Angie gets drunk and suggests that she and Samantha swap homes as she's fed up with seeing her and Des all over each other. She refuses to let her think about it and forces her to pack. Curly is bemused when Samantha moves in with Des and he's left with Angie. Des is happy with the situation although he feels rushed into it. Jon tells Deirdre that he's on business in Birmingham but really goes back home to his wife Linda for the night.


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