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Toyah teases Leanne about not seeing Chris at the club. Leanne is upset that he never arrived. Gail is impressed when Nick tells her that he plans to study PE at the Tech as he wants to be a PE teacher. Roy lays trays of sand in No's 1 and 3, explaining that if the intruder is human they'll leave a footprint but if it's a ghost there'll be air patterns. Les listens carefully. Leanne and Nick are attracted to each other. Ken tells Jon he thinks that he's despicable but in order to help Deirdre agrees to go along with the story that he's been stopped flying through illness and has just been given the retail job. Les breaks into Emily's house and turns the mains water off. Chris is surprised when Angie tells him that she feels they've got nothing in common and wants to finish. She makes him see that they're not going anywhere. Ken tells Emily he got Jon all wrong and that he really is a pilot. Les blows circles in the sand tray.


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