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Fred moves out of No.4 and back into his old house. Deirdre apologises to Ken for doubting him and says that she's finished with Jon. Leanne and Toyah are amused to hear the house may be haunted. Ken promises he won't tell anyone about Jon's real job as Deirdre doesn't want to be a laughing stock. Rita struggles to cope on her own at The Kabin. Maud struggles on at the corner shop with hardly any stock but hopes to sell it as a going concern. Ashley feels sorry for her but Fred refuses to let him help her. Rita offers Judy a job at The Kabin, saying she could keep Katie in the back room. Les smashes a mirror in his house and lets Janice think the ghost did it. Martin tells Gary that he's lucky having an understanding wife to look after his baby. Gary is upset that people think him capable of something he'd never do. Leanne and Toyah mess around with an Ouija board after Toyah makes Leanne help her by telling her about a club that Chris is going to on Wednesday night. Their activities with the board upsets Janice. She finds the whole thing terrifying. Deirdre tells Jon that she can't give up on him; he's still the man she loves.


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