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Janice worries when Les tells her that he's noticed strange occurrences in the house. Jon pleads with Deirdre to let him explain but she is furious with him for lying to her. He tells her that he is a qualified pilot but failed his medical and he has not lied when he said he loved her. He says he found it impossible to tell the truth as she was so proud of him being a pilot. When he breaks down she feels compassionate. Percy is certain an intruder is moving things around in the house. Maureen contacts Maud instructing her to sell the corner shop. She offers Fred first option but he refuses to buy it and give her money. He decides to move out of No.4 and forget all about Maureen. Emily is stunned to find a porn magazine in Ken's house. Rita is amazed when Leanne applies for a job at The Kabin. She tells her that there's no way she'd employ her. Ken finds the magazine and assures Emily it's not his; someone has planted it in his house. Janice is startled when she hears about Ivy's ghost and fears the house may be haunted. All the time it is Les who uses the connecting lofts to enter Emily and Ken's houses and move things around. Jon says goodbye to Deirdre and urges her to forget all about him.


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