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Fred locks himself away from the neighbours. Mavis and Rita fall out over Mavis's leaving party, with Rita annoyed by the way Mavis worries about the arrangements. Ashley and Maud worry about Fred, shut away and drinking. Maud tells him it's as bad for her as it is for him. Mike waits after work for a delivery and is taken by surprise by Don who hits him over the head. He ties Mike up so he only has the use of one leg and tells him there's no delivery; it was him who set it up. Mavis's friends gather for her farewell party and feel uncomfortable as she and Rita bicker at each other all evening. Percy tells Ken he's worried about Emily being a secret drinker as he keeps finding empty bottles in the house. Don tells Mike he intends to kill him but wants to hear him beg first. Mike refuses to give him the satisfaction. When she's presented with a photograph of herself with Rita from the 1970s, Mavis remembers all the happy times they've shared. They apologise to each other and are reconciled. Don goes to club Mike to death but Angie sees him and throws her bag at him. Don escapes and Mike hobbles after him in time to see him drive the MG straight at him. Mike dives out of the way and the car smashes into the viaduct wall. It explodes in flames with Don inside.


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