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Don has a shock when he tries to get into No.5 but is seen off by Les. Maud breaks the news to Fred that Maureen has run off with Bill. He is horrified and doesn't understand why she'd leave him. Maud feels bad as she watches him break down. Ken is surprised to see Jon serving at the tie shop in the airport. Ashley is stunned when Don visits him in the butchers and handles one of the knives. He finds out from Ashley that his house was repossessed by the mortgage company and sold to the council. He tells him that he'd rather kill himself than go back into custody. Mavis is annoyed by the way Rita seems to think she'll be unable to cope alone in the big bad world. Fred tells a shocked Ashley that Maureen has left him. Percy is surprised to find that the settings on his television have changed and a bottle of vodka under his chair cushion. He suspects Emily of drinking. Deirdre tells Ken that Jon is in Singapore and that he's very much in love with her.


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