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Maureen moves Maud into Mayfield Court. She tells Maud that she can't stand Fred. Mike is furious when Alma tells him she visited Don in hospital. She feels he can do her no more harm and Mike fears that Don will try to kill her again. Mavis is annoyed by the way Rita patronises her over her business plans and belittles her ideas. Maud urges Maureen to do something to help herself. Bill invites Maureen to come with him to Germany. Don picks Sarah Louise up from school and buys her sweets, telling her not to tell anyone. Bill tells Kevin that he'll never accept Natalie but will continue to worry about him as he's his son. Maud encourages Maureen to take a chance and go with Bill. Jim is sad to see Bill go. Bill drives off and is pleased when Maureen stops the taxi and joins him. They drive off together watched by a relieved Maud.


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