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Mavis is thrilled with the Bide a Wee Guest House but Rita feels uncomfortable in the country. The final straw is when Mrs Groves thinks she and Mavis are lesbians. Ashley is shocked to hear that Don is dying. Kevin tells Sally that Natalie will drop charges if she apologises but Sally refuses. Alma is stunned when Gail and Martin tell her that Don is dying and asking to see her. Fred thinks it's a good idea for Maud to move into Mayfield Court and encourages Maureen not to worry about her. Rita tells Mavis that she can't go ahead with buying the guest house as she misses the city too much. Mavis is stunned. Bill tells Jim he's decided to give everything up and return to Germany; he's had enough of Maureen and Kevin and feels there's nothing to keep him in the country any more. Natalie struggles to stop crying when Bill lays into her, calling her a scheming cow for ruining Sally's life. Percy wonders if Emily is having a relapse and that her breakdown is returning. Maureen is shocked when Bill tells her that he's going to Germany. Alma builds up her courage and faces Don with Gail. He breaks down, grateful to her for visiting and begs her to forgive him. She does and afterwards feels better. Maureen turns on Fred, telling him that he's got disgusting eating habits. She tells him she should never have married him. She also tells Bill that marrying Fred was a big mistake.


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