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Natalie refuses to claim on her insurance and thinks that Sally should pay for the damage. Kevin points out she has no money. Fiona is sickened at the thought of carrying Jim's baby and tells Alan that she wants to move away from the street as soon as possible. Kevin talks Natalie out of reporting Sally to the police by agreeing to talk to her about paying for the damages. Maureen is annoyed by the way Fred assumes that Maud can cope without her and the news that he wants Bill out of the flat. Jim admits to Fiona that he lied - the vasectomy worked and the baby can't be his; he just wanted to frighten her and mess things up between her and Alan. She tells him that she's leaving to get away from him and his family. Sally tells Kevin she'd rather die than give Natalie money. Percy is puzzled to find things missing in the house. Kevin is annoyed to see Chris has been sleeping at No.13. Chris assures him that nothing's going on between him and Sally. The police call on Sally to arrest her. She tells them that Natalie thumped her and she has witnesses so she'd like her arrested as well and points out that they'll have to find somewhere for the children to go if they take her to the station. The police back off, realising they're in the middle of a domestic row. Maureen asks Fred not to interfere with her arrangements with Bill. The police warn Sally that even if they drop charges Natalie could take her through the courts.


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