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Rita throws Natalie out of The Kabin, furious with her for taking a job at the Rovers. Natalie is ignored by Vera and Betty and is amused when Vera warns her to keep away from Jack. When Chris continues to be jealous of Des, Angie assures him there are no sexual feelings between them. Jon tells Deirdre he's going to see his ex-wife Linda to tell her about them. Judy and Gary are nervous when the midwife calls to check on Zoe and the baby. Sally is horrified to see Natalie working at the Rovers and storms out of the pub. Janice sides with her and gets all the factory girls to walk out. Judy tells the midwife that Gary is Katie's father and is praised for her understanding nature. Zoe resents the way she has to put on a show in front of officials and then is shoved in the background once they've gone. Audrey is convinced that Gary is Katie's father and spreads rumours to the affect; why else would Judy be so keen to take her in? Zoe tells Katie she would have liked to have called her Shannon. Chris gets Angie to view the flat above the bookies. Angie dislikes it and is rude about it in front of Deirdre. Chris gets frustrated by her lack of enthusiasm. Sally enjoys telling Natalie that Kevin wanted to return to her but she wouldn't have him.


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  • TV Times synopsis: A visit from the midwife causes problems for Judy and Gary.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 14,500,000 viewers (4th place - combined figure including repeat).

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Angie Freeman (about Des Barnes): "As a boyfriend he's not a very nice person. He's shifty. He lies. He's unfaithful. He's a dirtbag. The worst thing a girl can do is make herself available to him."

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