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Jon is startled to hear Deirdre has given notice on her flat, planning to move into his house. Vera is horrified to discover Alec has taken Natalie on, fearing she'll be after all the men. Chris has a day planned with Angie - lunch and a seaside walk. He is annoyed when she invites Des to join them for lunch. Natalie enjoys herself behind the Rovers' bar, despite getting the cold shoulder from Betty. The Malletts collect Zoe and Katie from hospital. Zoe isn't happy with the way Judy takes over Katie now she's been born. She resents the way she's not welcome any more. Chris is annoyed when Angie wastes the afternoon chatting with Des and they have no time left to go to the seaside. Angie quizzes Des as to why he hasn't managed to sleep with Samantha yet. He says she isn't ready but he's prepared to wait. Rita refuses to drink in the Rovers when she sees Natalie working there. Deirdre worries that Jon is having second thoughts about her moving in with him. He tells her that he wants her to move in by the end of the week.


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